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Zyac Z02 Titanium Karambits with Removable Tail Ring

Zyac Z02 Titanium Karambits with Removable Tail Ring

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Unique Hybrid: The Karambit Redefined

This extraordinary knife defies traditional categorization, for it is a karambit like no other. Unlike the iconic curved blade associated with karambits, our design features a flat edge blade. This deliberate choice was made with practicality in mind, as the flat edge offers easier sharpening and maintenance compared to its curved counterpart.

However, one characteristic that remains true to the essence of a karambit is the ring at the end of the knife. This ring, though not fixed, possesses a removable structure, adding an element of playfulness to the knife's functionality.

In addition, we have incorporated two slim pocket clips into the design, seamlessly blending with the knife's overall form. These pocket clips, devoid of any protrusions, allow for easy pocket attachment without sacrificing the knife's slim profile. While it may not provide the same convenience as common extrinsic pocket clips, our intention was to prioritize the knife's overall aesthetic and the gripping experience, considering it is designed as a small to medium-sized knife meant for play.

Inspired by the chameleon, the knife's spine and ring emulate the graceful length of a chameleon's tail, further accentuating its unique and captivating design.

Welcome to the world of our reimagined karambit, a blend of functionality, playfulness, and inspiration drawn from nature's own wonders.


Length extended with the ring: 184.5 mm/ 7.3"

Length extended without the ring: 161mm/ 6.3"

Length folded with the ring: 124 mm/ 4.9"

Length folded without the ring: 99mm/ 3.9"

Opening methods: fuller opening, thumbstud opening

Weight: 136g/ 4.8oz


  • CNC Machined frame
  • 3 Colors to choose from
  • Dragon scales handle texture
  • Removeable tail ring
  • Integrated double pocket clips
  • 2X Tritium vials reserved on the ring


Blade material: M390 steel

Blade finish: Brushed

Handle/ spine/ thumbstud/ ring/ pivot: GR5 titanium

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