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Titanium Multi-function Ratchet Prybar

Titanium Multi-function Ratchet Prybar

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A key component of any EDC, the Titanium Ratchet Pry Bar. It is one of the incredibly useful do-it-all tools.
Use the Pry Bar as a flat-head screwdriver to open a paint can, split that log, or open that beer.
Sharp enough to open any box but safe enough to take on an airplane. 
It is your reliable companion whenever life’s modern challenges strike. 
It is a Pry Bar, bottle opener, hex wrenches, ratchet screwdriver, and a built-in clip for belt loop or keychain.
This fabulous little tool is well manufactured and would be one of your favorite EDC of all time.

Length: 112.5mm
Width: 21mm
Width: 3.7mm
Wrench hole: 7mm, 8mm, 10mm
Bit size: 1/4”
Ratchet: One-way ratchet. Use it from two sides for different directions.


  • CNC Machined body
  • One-way ratchet design
  • Pry Bar, 
  • Bottle opener
  • Hex wrenches
  • Ratchet screw driver
  • Builtin clip for belt loop
  • Flathead & Phillips Hex Bit fixed by rubber o-ring

Gr5 Titanium body
Strong rubber o-ring

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