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Titanium Knife Ring with M390 Mini Blade

Titanium Knife Ring with M390 Mini Blade

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A ring can be more than a decoration, but is a useful tool. Z01 Knife ring is designed to be the handiest mini knife ever. No one can hardly notice it. It’s like the normal ring, but when you press the mini flipper, the M390 mini blade comes out, and you can open the box easily before anyone can notice. Although it’s with a mini-sized and compact design, it lacks nothing than characters. This is a little powerhouse of a mini folding knife & EDC ring.

The blade is made from M390 steel and locks firmly into place. The build quality is such that you can have the utmost confidence that the blade is rock solid with zero play. The ring part ( or you can call it the mini knife handle) is made from GR5 Titanium. If You wear a ring and like to carry a knife every day, why not get a knife ring?

Ring size available: #9, #10, #11, #12, #13
Blade thickness: 2.4mm
Blade length: 14mm
Screw: Torx T6
Tritium vial size: 1.5*6mm
Note that the tritium vial is not included.
Please check the size chart picture for more details.


  • Knife & ring 2-in-1 design
  • Whole Unit CNC Machined 
  • Hidden Blade
  • Rustproof
  • Corrosion resistant

Grade 5 titanium ring
M390 Mini blade

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