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Automatic OTF Utility Knife with Quick Replacement Blade

Automatic OTF Utility Knife with Quick Replacement Blade

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One of the most popular and in-demand knives ever created- Automatic Knife. We have distilled the performance and reliability into a more compact, pocket-friendly format. The automatic mechanism is a high-strength lock that allows the Knife to be opened and closed one-handed by just pushing the button.

There are 3 models available: Aluminum handle, Titanium Handle, and Zirconium Handle. We use the Olfa CKB-2 utility blade, which is durable, reliable, and accessible.

 If you are worried about whether you should bring it with you, you can simply remove the blade. It’s like having a knife and not having a knife at the same time. With a unique ergonomic design that offers a secure grip and outstanding control, this Knife is perfect for hunting, camping, and everyday carry.

Length: 117.21mm/ 4.6”
Width: 28.86mm/ 1.1”
Thickness: 15.1mm/ .59”
Length of blade: 51.63mm/ 2.0”
Net weight: 


  • CNC Machined frame
  • Automatic mechanism design
  • Instant blade reaction
  • Quick blade replacement 
  • Wide variety of blades
  • Multi-function pocket clip

Aluminum handle/ Titanium Handle/ Zirconium Handle.
Stainless steel blade.

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